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Accuride - Gunite

Innovation. That’s always been the key to Gunite's success in developing new products and the primary reason why Gunite has remained the industry’s largest supplier of wheel-end components. Today, Gunite continues to lead the heavy-duty industry with forward thinking products based on innovations in metallurgy, product design, testing and manufacturing. Gunite, Where The Road Begins…

Accuride - KIC

KIC is a wheel end supplier focused on serving the commercial truck, trailer, transit, and axle/suspension industries.  KIC’s products include; Brake Drums, Hub & Drum Assemblies, Spoke Wheel Assemblies, Steel and Aluminum Wheels, and Brake Rotors.  With over 40 years of experience, KIC has become one of the largest and fastest growing wheel end suppliers in North America.  A proven brand among most of the top ten OEM’s and Aftermarket Distributors, KIC has built a successful reputation with more than 700 customers and continues to earn credibility by shipping millions of quality products into North America. With program options ranging from direct container to reduced pallet loads that can be shipped from multiple North American warehouse locations, KIC is uniquely positioned to provide both a product and business advantage to each VIPAR distributor.

Accuride Wheels

Accuride is the largest North American manufacturer and supplier of wheels for heavy and medium-duty trucks and commercial trailers.  Accuride offers the broadest product line in the North American heavy/medium wheel industry and is the only manufacturer and supplier of both steel and forged aluminum heavy/medium wheels.  Accuride also offers wheels for buses, commercial light trucks, and well as specialty and military vehicles.

Active Heavy-Duty Cooling Products

Active HD Cooling Products is the leading USA manufacturer for heavy and medium duty truck radiators and charge air coolers.  We offer new complete OE Premium and OE Extreme Duty drop in units for all makes and models of Class 5-8 trucks from 1993-2012. These products are backed by a two year, unlimited mileage, nationwide warranty with nominal labor paid.

AeroPro, LLC

AeroPro, a family-owned business located in the shadows of the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, began in 1986. AeroPro first began manufacturing polyethylene splash guards. In 1987 we introduced the first Proflex Rubber splash guards. Proflex is made of approximately 70% reclaimed truck tires and has been accredited for putting to good use several million pounds of products that might have gone to a landfill.Over the years we have developed a diversified line of products ranging from mud flaps for the heavy duty truck market, to foot pads for lawn and garden equipment, to trailer liners and mats for the equine industry, to nonslip rubber pads wiht adhesive which are currently being installed on the running boards of Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge pickup trucks and SUVs. In early 2003 we began molding live rubber in our plant in the good ole USA. This addition made us a single source supplier.