VIPAR Heavy Duty is dedicated to meeting its' customers transportation related needs with a traditional focus on the heavy-duty commercial vehicle aftemarket. 


Through the evolution of our organization and to meet the needs of all of our Stakeholders, VIPAR Heavy Duty has expanded into channel related market segments through several wholly-owned subsidiaries.

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Wholly-Owned Subsidiaries


Global Parts Network, LLC (GPN) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of VIPAR Heavy Duty that provides seamless service and support exclusively to the VIPAR Heavy Duty network of distributors and suppliers. GPN utilizes the latest technology to bring demand chain partners together to create business process efficiencies and specializes in high volume, fast moving parts. In addition, GPN operates its brake manufacturing production centers, CoMan Centers™, focusing on new and remanufactured brake shoes, brake shoe kits, friction material and related parts.  For more information, visit

 VHD Equipment Network   VHD Equipment Network, LLCis a wholly owned subsidiary of VIPAR Heavy Duty, Inc. VHD Equipment Network leverages the experience and expertise of VIPAR Heavy Duty in the heavy duty aftermarket to focus on the North American commercial vehicle truck-mounted equipment market. The $9 billion dollar industry represents over 1,700 companies that distribute, install, buy, sell and repair truck-mounted equipment. VHD Equipment Network provides vehicle equipment distributor members with program management, business services, advanced technology solutions, timely communications and effective marketing tools.  For more information on VHD Equipment Network, visit